There have been numerous studies over the last 5 years which indicate that the key to attaining healthy weight loss is concealed away in your genotypes. Nutrigenomics for example is established purely upon the theory of how foods affect your genetics, and how your genetic structure can affect how you respond to different vitamins. Supposedly, by having a fundamental knowledge of your own nutritional wants, health status and genotype it is feasible to structure a tailored weight loss plan to help you lose those unwanted lbs.

Yet, even though this high-tech system can aid individuals to discover specifically how much vitamin B6 they need (to the milligram), having a genotype profile done can cost more than $5,000 a session. An expensive fee for a testing program that currently has very little proof that it works properly…

To date, the only trial to be carried out structured on this theory was by American university Stanford University where medical experts reviewed over 138 overweight/obese women who were supplied with either a low-fat or low-carb eating plan, based on their genetic makeup.

Of those who were provided with the right diet for their genotype, they lost 5 times more unwanted lbs than those on the wrong eating plan! Yet, even despite these figures, medical experts are anticipating that Nutrigenomics won’t be on the market for 5-10 years, particularly at its existing bill.

For healthy, proven weight loss in the mean time, the support of a medically proven weight loss pill such as Proactol can aid you to get fit and lose those excess lbs without risk. Proven to help bind up to 28 percent of your dietary fat intake, Proactol also works to minimize your cravings, lower cholesterol and cut your calorie intake by 450 calories per day – the perfect support program for anyone wishing to reignite their weight loss.

Source by Audrey Makepeace

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